(Polski) “Pod Miotełką”

(Polski) Tu jest nasz dom – Dni Otwarte Domów Przysłupowych

(Polski) To już teraz, to już w tą niedzielę!

Little awakenings

Even though winter this year wasn’t too severe it is quite long and probably most of us await a real beginning of spring, not just in the calendar. To comfort you I can only say that in the world of plants and animals you can see nervous anticipation for a while now, and whenever there is a warmer day they us it to the fullest.

Blooming December

Mild winter (especially its beginning) made mezereon completely confused. Poor litle thing started blooming in  December as it thought the spring this season came “a bit” earlier. It seemed to be a despreate move, but in fact forst and snow in January didn’t damage it. At the end of march it is still blooming and shares its own charm.


Shy flowers

Hazel trees are also getting ready for awakening. Male inflorescences since febrauary are looking forward to warmer days to make all people suffering from allergy afraid of going out. Femals inflorescences, small and inconspicuous, are still hidden in buds. They are quite shy, as you can see only a small red bits of flower and only if you take a very close look. But it is from these buds after pollination we will enjoy hazel nuts.


We need sun straight away!

Out of winter hibernation also ants got awaken. They leave their nests and sit in the sun. Is it laziness? NO! Nothing but laziness. In fact it is a very hard work. When they get warm enough they come back to their nests and make inside warmer by sharing their body temperature. It’s like a special way of heating up their house.



Easter wishes

We also have a reason to wake up out of hibernation. Easter is coming. This year Resurrection Day will be quite early, so we wouldn’t count on crazy spring at that time. But despite of gloomy weather outside of your window we wish you, Dear Readers, a lot of sunshine in your heart and soul, to make Easter time a chance not only to eat delicious food, but also to awake and make yourself open for a change, new challenges and goals.



Healthy, joyful and filled with gingerbread Christmas!